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Based on a true story

The film based on a true story, is about the beauty and hardships of loneliness, voluntary retreat in nature, faith, and the father-son relationship.

Island of Good Hope

The Island of Good Hope is an independent Hungarian feature film, a one-man production. More than 30 000 viewers in Hungarian cinemas.

128 minutes
17 November, 2022
Nature, Robinsonade, Adventure, Monodrama, Flashback
Dimitry Ljasuk
Dimitry Ljasuk, Béla Baranyák Atya, Fernanda Dorogi, Barnabás Molnár
Hungarian, English, stereo and 5.1
Hungarian, English, Romanian, Slovakian, Ukranian, Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Island of Good Hope

The special story quickly won over the audience. No independent Hungarian film has achieved such good results in the past 10 years.

That's how nature heals. A lovable film, making the dreams of many of us come true.
Tourist magazine
This film gives something that can never be taken away from the viewer! It justly strengthens the Hungarian film industry and can serve as an example of how to find a fine balance between honesty, art and appealing to the audience (largest Hungarian news portal)
This movie is particularly lovable, I recommend it to anyone who feels lost somewhere along the way. (women portal)
The Island of Good Hope is a piece that doctors could prescribe as medicine for the spiritually poor
Országút - art and literature magazine
Soul-healing freedom!
Szabad Föld - the newspaper of the Hungarian countryside
We have to face our past, let go of our worthless things, but we must never give up on our dreams - this is what the film teaches us.
Életem receptje - lifestyle magazine
It started as a dream, it became a reality!
National Geographic
The Island of Good Hope is a niche movie, but of the best kind.
It's a very special film, it offers a very unique experience. - filmreview portal

I once asked my father what true freedom is like. He said:

Freedom? Do you know what can give a person freedom? Will, man's own will, and this gives a power that is superior to freedom. Know how to want and you will be free. And the world opens up for you.

about the director Dimitry Ljasuk

This is the director's first feature film. He started filming in 2018 with nature films and documentaries. His style is different from the usual, he combines vlog and documentary style with the style of nature films and art films. He is the writer, cinematographer, director, narrator and editor of his films.

He worked on the Island of Good Hope for two years. He really lived on the island for half a year during covid. The script is based on his childhood memories and experiences during the retreat and made the film alone.

Dimitry Ljasuk